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The Right to Die Movement Around the World
- Some Activists (.jpg Photos)

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The following selection can never be complete. Most of the photos are from snapshots, so the quality is often poor.

  • Pieter Admiraal - pioneering euthanasist in the Netherlands (now retired) and winner of the 1992 Humanist Award.
  • John Beloff - academic psychologist and former chairman of VESS (Scotland).
  • Buji Collabawalla - medical doctor and President of the Right to Die Society of India.
  • Lynda Cracknell - president of the Northern Territory (of Australia) euthanasia society, formed to support the world's first euthanasia law, the Rights of the Terminally Ill Act.
  • Chris Docker (Scotland - VESS), with members of the German society (DGHS), researching Departing Drugs.
  • Phyllis Goodheir with her husband Albert - major independent distributor and campaigner in Scotland for living wills.
  • Alastair Haggart - retired bishop and theologian, and Convener of VESS (Scotland).
  • Derek Humphry - journalist, and early campaigner for the movement in the USA.
  • Representatives of the Israel Right to Die Society.
  • Ludovic Kennedy- well-known writer and broadcaster and President of the English VES.
  • Jack Kevorkian - renowned American doctor who has assisted many suicides.
  • Helga Kuhse - philosopher working in bioethics, especially in the area of death & dying.
  • Sheila Little (deceased) - founder of the Scottish Society (VESS).
  • Meredith MacArdle - editor and press officer for the English society.
  • Jeanne Marchig - leader of the Swiss society (ADMD).
  • Philip Nitschke - first Australian doctor to implement the NT euthanasia law.
  • Marshall Perron - parliamentarian who launched Australia's NT euthanasia law.
  • Marion Rookhuizen of the Dutch society (NVVE).
  • Cheryl Smith - lawyer and VESS (Scotland) Research Consultant in America.
  • Clemencia Uribe - nurse and representative of the Colombian society.

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    We hope you will join with us in our struggle to make dying with dignity an option open to anyone, to protect patients and doctors alike in upholding the humanity of dying well, to seek legal reform, where necessary, and to introduce safeguards regarding voluntary euthanasia.

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