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The Right to Die Movement Around the World - euthanasia

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Right to Die Societies around the world.

Some societies are members of the "World Federation of Right To Die Societies" (WFRTDS)
Note: Exit is independent and has decided no longer to be a member of WFRTDS

This page is maintained for our historic contribution to WF members, our work on Departing Drugs and Living Wills, our provision of networking and our provision of an international brochure for the WF. Exit maintains friendly relations with the WF and also with NuTech; but Exit is an independent organization. Our money is spent on research to help members, not on meetings, and our research is backed by science, not by our relationships to other groups. We are governed by a strict code of ethics embodied in the Carver Model of Policy Governance.

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For a more detailed and up-to-date listing of members and WF news, please visit the WF website at

This webpage is provided by Exit (formerly the Voluntary Euthanasia Society of Scotland). Exit lapsed its membership to the WFRTDS in June 1997, and was, until that time, an independent member of the WFRTDS. See our statement on Exit's's position regarding the WFRTDS. 
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