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Euthanasia-related books from Exit

  • Departing Drugs
  • Beyond Final Exit
  • Five Last Acts
  • Five Last Acts 2nd Edition - fully expanded & revised
  • Five Last Acts - The Exit Path
  • Living Will Info Pack
  • The Case for Physician Assisted Suicide

    Books available to members direct are listed in the print magazine. Our main books are available to anyone by ordering direct from Amazon.

  • Select bibliography of recommended books on death, dying and euthanasia.

    Departing Drugs (1993)

    See also Self-deliverance

    Applicants must be over 21 yrs and enclose proof of age. (We also reserve the right to refuse purchase.)
    Departing Drugs was the first international syllabus of drugs for self-deliverance, compiled by an international team using thousands of pages of collated data and the latest clinical evidence from the Netherlands. Scrutinized, by experts in several fields, Departing Drugs presented methods with illustrations and simple, thorough explanations. The book exploded myths about previously accepted self-deliverance drugs and sheds new light on readily available drugs. It included a country-by-country index providing brand names for over twenty countries, and an extensive glossary. Proof of three months' membership of a right-to-die society required. Non-profit venture.

    Knowledge and drugs availability has changed since Departing Drugs was published. We recommend purchasing either Five Last Acts II or Five Last Acts - The Exit Path.

    Beyond Final Exit  (out of print)

    See also Self-deliverance

    Academic articles on methods of self-deliverance (rational suicide). Includes a history of books on self-deliverance and one of the most comprehensively referenced articles on fasting currently available. The title is based on the series of articles in the Canadian journal "Last Rights" in which some of the chapters initially appeared.

    Five Last Acts

    Details safe and dignified ways that people use to end their own lives when faced with unbearable and unrelievable suffering. More recent editions available from Amazon.
    186 pp  2007

    The original groundbreaking book in the series. Limiting your option to ONE final action can be dangerous, You might not be able to swallow the pills, have the privacy to use helium, or be suited to using starvation physically and in other ways. No-one knows what is ahead. So master the FIVE last acts NOW.
    Obtaining Five Last Acts II or Five Last Acts: The Exit Path empowers you to face the future with confidence,

    Is it all right to think about . . . our own death . . . ?
    Moral and legal issues
    Last Acts
    Plastic bags
    Starvation and other means
    What is asphyxia?
    Research into asphyxia
    Finding the truth about plastic bags
    The chloroquine controversy
    Fasting to death
    A guide to suicide guides
    Recommended further reading
    About EXIT workshops
    Some frequently asked questions

    NB The first edition of Five Last Acts is now out of print.
    Five Last Acts 2nd Edition - expanded and revised (over 400 pages) is now available to members at a special price.

    Living Will Info Pack

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