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The EXIT Newsletter, features articles and reviews of substance not available from any other source. By 2009, it had become the leading journal on self-deliverance techniques worldwide. Such information, while lawful, cannot be published on the internet lest it fall into the wrong hands. It is not our aim to give such how-to advice to young people or temporarily depressed individuals, and neither do we screen people. Membership is age-restricted. But our website includes some articles of general interest from old editions that may be of interest to researchers.

Contributors to Exit Newsletter have included Peter Singer, Helga Kuhse, Colin Brewer, Faye Girsh, Joseph Thomson, Sheila Mclean, Michael Irwin, Derek Humphry, Arthur Caplan, Kenneth Boyd, Kenyon Mason, Ludovic Kennedy, Rev. A Bennett, Alexander McCall-Smith, John Beloff, (Bishop) Michael Hare-Duke, Oswald Hanfling, Wendy Savage, (Bishop) Alastair Haggart, Richard Nicholson, Philip Nitschke, Janet Radcliffe-Richards, Robin Downie, and many more.

Newsletter October/
November 1998

The online version of Vol 18 No 4 includes: ***When words speak louder than actions - Solicitor Advocate Jim Keegan analyses the legal logistics of ending life.
Trial of wills - to sue or not to sue? - VESS Legal Researcher Colin Gavaghan looks at the legal and practical issues concerning legal action over living wills
A very special passing - Chris Docker recalls a particularly inspirational funeral
Book Review: ***Dying naturally - The New Natural Death Handbook, edited by Nicholas Albery, Gil Elliot and Joseph Elliot, The Natural Death Centre, 1997, £11.65 320pp Pbk ISBN 0-7126-7111-0
Paying all the way - Legal Analysts Rosie Ogg responds to letters from our members bringing to our attention the plight of some elderly people having to sell their homes in order to pay for nursing home costs.
Approaching Death�s Altar - A hymn suitable for religious and non-religious funerals
Yesterday�s killers are today�s trivialities - Eleonora Harris comments on the never-ending irony
Book Reviews: ***Final Acts of Love by Stephen Jamison. G.P. Putnam�s Sons 1995, £19.99 279pp £19.99 ISBN 0-87477-816-6
***An Intelligent Person�s Guide to Ethics by Mary Warnock. Duckworth 1998, £12.95 128pp Hdbk ISBN 0-7156-2841-0
***Suicide: Right or Wrong? (2nd Edition) edited by John Donnelly. Prometheus Books 1998. £14.99 335pp Pbk ISBN 1-57392-186-6
In Brief - Chris Docker looks at what's happening in the Scottish V.E. Society
Scottish MPs - do you know who your MP is? - A full listing by area.

Newsletter July 1998

The Asian Way on Death by Eric Tsang

Newsletter April 1998

Full text of a talk given by Rt.Rev.Bishop Alastair Haggart
Newsletter January 1998 Highlights:
Making Ideas Reality - an exclusive interview with philosopher Helga Kuhse
Who Decides? A review of the Government's Green paper on Living Wills
An Inspiration to Us All... - a tribute to Annie Lindsell
GP �codes� - and what your doctor thinks of you! 
Taking the Fight to the Frontline: Party Political Conferences by David Donnison 
10 Tips on Talking about Voluntary Euthanasia
The VESS Living Will Pack
Newsletter October 1997 Highlights:  
The Myth of the Medical Executioner 

Newsletter July 1997 

Ethics challenges the euthanasia arguments 
When we come to die - Rev Andrew Hill 
Assisted Suicide and the Law of Scotland 
The David Hainsworth Case 
America Slams Assisted Suicide - Alison Britton 

Newsletter April 1997 

A Passing Glance - John Beloff 
Grief flieth to it: euthanasia & the recently bereaved 

Newsletter January 1997 

British Social Attitudes Survey - David Donnison 
The Paul Brady Story - Colin Gavaghan  
Interviews with VESS Staff & Committee:  
John Beloff   Chris Docker   Colin Gavaghan  
Alastair Haggart   Andrew Hill   Andrew McLeman  
Peta Sandars   Libby Wilson 

Newsletter October 1996 

Philosophical Approaches - Elizabeth Telfer 
When Trains & Buildings Don't Kill - Chris Docker 
Breaking Out From the Party Line - Annie Lindsell

Newsletter July 1996 

The Janet Johnstone Story 
"BMJ Hails Kevorkian" 
New British Research 
The Northern Territory 
"The Liberty Boat" 

Newsletter April 1996 

"America gives green light to assisted suicide" - Cheryl K Smith 
"A Living Will That Worked - the Story of Albert Goodheir" 
"Opening the Safety Net" - Clare Penny Interview 
"How Should We Decide?" - Sheila McLean 
"Don't Shoot the Piano Player?" - Chris Docker 

Newsletter January 1996 

"Advance Directives & End of Life Decisions" - by Charles Hite 
"Should We Resuscitate?" - by John Saunders 
"Cimetière du Père Lachaise - by Chris Docker" 

NewsletterOctober 1995 

"A Week In The Life - Events & Reflections of the VESS Executive Secretary" 
"Hippocrates - What was all the fuss about?"

Newsletter July 1995

"Make up Your Mind While You Still Have One" - by Moral Philosopher Robin Downie

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