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[New] New links and additions to the [VESS] pages include:

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This page displays historical links

David Hainsworth - attempted assisted suicide

Draft Bill online - the text of the new Bill on P.A.S. from Glasgow University

EXIT Newsletter: April 1997, original articles online.

Dutch pages and other world pages expanded.

Euthanasia & Religion

Paul Brady; UK statisticsEXIT Newsletter Jan '97.

Email your MP with your views! (UK Directory). New link from Vess page.

New portable help screens available on FastAccess and FastAccess Low Graphics

Order forms for new research volume

New low graphics version of Fast Access

New studies out: (1)Prof Sheila Mclean; (2)British Social Attitudes

New Photos! Dr Nitschke and Marshall Perron in our hall of fame and further country photos liven up our World Directory

New South Australian Site

Details of the new World Federation of Right-To-Die Societies Conference in Melbourne

Greatly improved frames version of our popular HOTLINKS utility page

Downloadable version of our leading living will document

Text only version of our HOTLIST, using default colours for older browsers

July 1996 EXIT Newsletter

The Janet Johnstone story - Scotland's first "right-to-die" case.

April 1996 Newsletter - online version

New research findings show doctors back PAS

Photos of activists in the movement

World Guide - Clickable Map

Healthcare Rights Guide

News on Janet Johnstone, PVS patient setting Scottish legal history.
Many links on the VESS website have been updated and speeded up. Animation has also been added (Netscape 2.+ users). Regrettably, the popular VESS Search Engine has been discontinued, as the providers, Muscat, are charging rates which we are unable to sustain.

BMA & Patients' Association produce a users' living wills guide - Press releases from the Living Will & Values History Project and also VESS.

Quick guide to euthanasia outside of the Netherlands

New books:   1   2

Contents of Departing Drugs

A Page devoted to the Netherlands

From the Living Will & Values History Center:

  • Recommended Documents and Quick Guide
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    Search Engine for VESS Pages Added! (Search icon in FastAccess)
    Dying In Dignity Mensa Sig News Journal Pages Expanded

    EXIT Newsletter - Much more now online!
    Right to die societies' Homepages
    VESS Constitution

    New World Wide Web Discussion Group on Euthanasia (link: FastAccess)
    New WWW Bioethics Discussion Group (link: Useful Links Page)

    News flash

    30 Jan: A date has been set for the Innner Court of Session hearing for the Janet Johnson case. Five judges will meet on March 5th 1996 to decide her fate.

  • New Ethics Section to our "Useful Links"
  • CBPP Report on Euthanasia Conference
  • Contains Lord Walton, Linacre Centre, Stuart Horner (Head of BMA) and others. Hosted with a "pro-life" bias but valuable for the views of the eminent guests transcribed.
  • Press release 18 Jan : UK Gvt rejects living will law - comment
  • Links to many online medical journals - Useful Links Section
  • The Living Will & Values History Centre
  • Living will resources. Living will and values history documents on-line.
  • House of Lords SubmissionAn extensive reference document for students providing a fairly technical overview of the situation on living wills and the right to die from a British and international perspective.

  • Gigantic student resource file
  • Press reactions to the VESS website
  • Many new Index additions including:

  • The Appleton Consensus on Withholding or Withdrawing Life-Sustaining Treatment
  • American College of Physicians Ethics Manual
  • Roman Catholic links on euthanasia
  • Nurses attitudes and practices
  • Nova Scotia Living Wills Discussion Paper
  • More Kevorkian links
  • Islamic and Jewish views on euthanasia
  • Euthanasia - problems in philosophy
  • Ontario Centre for Religious Tolerance Euthanasia Page
  • Ethics Update Page on Euthanasia
  • Elizabeth Bouvia
  • British Medical Journal letters on euthanasia
  • Nancy Cruzan - the historic court case in full
  • Funeral Myths Quiz
  • Living Wills - a host of new recommended links, including both academic and popular materials
  • Mental Health Resources
  • Palliative Care Links, including an online course
  • New link to a pharmaceutical index
  • Emotional support resources on the Internet
  • Scottish right-to-die case - links to press reports.

    Links from the Homepage (From FastAccess: go to Useful Sites - Death and Dying)

  • The Death and Dying WEBster - a long resource of links on death
  • Introduction to euthanasia by Robert Cavalier (philosophy)
  • James Rachels on euthanasia (philosophy)
  • Public Policy Assessment Society Inc. (Australia)
  • The Patient Self-Determination Act (Advance Directives/Living Wills)
  • Life Net Euthanasia Roundtable(Major expansion of pro-life site)
  • Citizens United Resisting Euthanasia (CURE, Ltd)
  • Report of the New York State Task Force
  • Whole new pages on:

  • The Values History (possibly the first time on the 'Net!)
  • Departing Drugs Homepage and Order Form
  • Beyond Final Exit Homepage and Order Form
  • The key to the door marked EXIT (some new front-ends)

  • The key to the door...
  • The key... links to WF,VESS,DD etc
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