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Living wills (advance directives) and values histories help medical staff and others to make decisions about your care and treatment should you become seriously ill and unable to speak for yourself. In some circumstances, living wills may become legally binding on health care staff. The Living Will and Values History Project was set up in response to an alarming growth and proliferation of living will documents that bore little correlation to academic and empirical data on their usefulness or effectiveness. It works on a non-profit basis and attempts to collate, analyse and apply research in this area, acting as an adviser and resource base, as well as publishing its own document.

Effective documents are not suited to reproduction via the Internet as layout and paper quality are easily lost, but our document may be downloaded free using (free) Adobe Acrobat software. A recommended Values History document may also be downloaded if required. A full pack, containing the various full documents and accessories, may be ordered by snailmail at a nominal charge to cover costs.

  • Recommended documents & quick guide
  • VESS webpage links on living wills and values histories

  • Excerpts from mainstream academic journals
  • A recommended reading list for the serious student.
  • Submission to the House of Lords Select Committee
  • Contains a brief examination of various living will documents in the UK and abroad.
  • The values history.
  • This form may be printed or downloaded for study and personal use, or an original obtained in the VESS living will pack.
    Technical note:This example is a "dialogue-based" type of values history. Other styles of values histories include "scenario-based" and "story-based" documents. For further information, refer to documents in the academic journals link, searching for "values history" with your browser's find facility. For an analytic overview, see the author's academic analysis, below.)
  • A short living will document
  • This page will provide a basic idea of a "living will", fulfilling the basic requirements suggested by the British Medical Association. It does not include many of the advantages developed by the Project (whose mailorder form, available in the VESS living will pack, differs considerably from this document).

    EXIT Homepage links on living wills

  • Living wills short intro
  • Academic analysis by the present author (included in...)
  • VESS Living Will Packs
  • Origin of the name "Living Will"
  • Other useful links on living wills

  • Choice in Dying homepage
  • U.S. organisation that keeps track of legal aspects of living wills in the States. Individual living will documents can be downloaded appropriate to the statutes of any particlar State. They are in Acrobat format, which provide quality formatting although there is some download time. (There are instructions for obtaining the Acrobat plug-in for users that don't already have it.) There is also an excellent legislative updates page.
  • Shape Your Health Care Future - An excellent general introduction.
  • Further reading - an online guide by Jack Freer MD.
  • Patient Self-Determination Act (US Legislation)
  • Partly annotated bibliography
  • Further references
  • A DeathNET archive - probably from Medline
  • Medicare and Advance Directives - Brochure
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • Health Care Decisionmaking and Declarations in New York - Historical Legal Basis
  • Legality in the UK - cursory overview
  • Pro-life statement (by Right to Life of Michigan)
  • Nova Scotia Discussion Paper
  • The Electronic Living Will and Formalities of Execution
  • A third year law student's paper on electronic technology and living wills
  • Legal analysis of the Halachic living will/Durable Power of Attorney
  • Union for Traditional Judaism Offer on Living Wills
  • Legal Survival Guide on Living WIlls (U.S.)
  • Elder Law FAX
  • Lawyers Fight Over Living Will; Woman Dies Waiting Court Decision
  • California - discussions on health care, including advance directives
  • Iowa Directives
  • Kentucky Advance Directive legislation
  • New York's Health Care Proxy Law
  • New York Family Health Care Decisions Act - Q & A
  • Ohio factsheets on living wills
  • Pennsylvania Advance Directives for Health Care
  • Health Care Advance Directives Form Sources (U.S.)
  • State Health Decisions Legislative Update
  • Mostly on advance directives - By Charles Sabatino
  • Roman Catholic comment on Singapore Living Will Law
  • Some benefits of a living will
  • Page by the Institute of Certified Financial Planners
  • Advance Directives & DNR orders
  • (Generalised U.S. intro)
  • Study Shows Evidence of Need for Living Wills
  • Report on a Gerontologist study
  • Trends in Health Decisions Legislation relevant to the PSDA
  • Well-informed U.S. update - from the American Bar Association
  • Physician neutrality & patient autonomy in advance directive decisions
  • Peppin, John F, Issues in Law & Medicine, Summer 1995 11 n1
  • Advance Directives in the United Kingdom
  • Kessel, R, Hastings Center Report, July-August 1995 v25 n4
  • UK doctors get advance-directive guidance
  • Lancet article
  • Advance directives for elderly people: worthwhile cause or wasted effort?
  • Phillips M, Sansone P, Social Work, May 1995 v40 n3
  • More living will links

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