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FastAccess also contains details of the Bioethics Mailing List which you may wish to subscribe to if you are interested in a broader range of health care ethics dilemmas.

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This mailing list is for memos, letters, news releases and the like. It is an open, unmoderated list for those supportive of right to die issues to discuss news, trends, and other points of interest. While debate and comments are encouraged, subscription to this list will presume a tolerance of the subject. Posts challenging the acceptability of euthanasia in general are inappropriate. Once it is sent to it automatically goes to all subscribed members throughout the world. Subscription is free. Unsubscribe at any time (i.e. electronically remove yourself from this mailing list) by sending the text message
unsubscribe right_to_die (put your email address here)

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B I O M E D - L is an academic list, which means it's intended for specific discussion of a specific area of interest. Discussions irrelevant to the topic at hand are generally best kept to private mail or another list. While some digressions may occur, they should be kept to a minimum. Posts to the list should be succinct, not only to improve their readability, but so as not to clog the network. Also, please remember that as in any academic setting, extensive quoting from outside sources is not appropriate. Student enquiries are perhaps accepted within certain limits. The listserv covers a range of bioethical issues and is not limited to euthansia. Since the field of medicine and medical technology are rapidly changing and the field is so broad, it is difficult to have clearly delineated rules as to what should and should not be discussed, but possible topics might include: Paternalism, Fetal Cell Transplant, The Right to Die, AIDS, Suicide, Patient Autonomy, Abortion, Drug Legalization, Euthanasia, Respirator Withdrawal, Transplants, Allocation of scarce resources, and many others too numerous to list here. The discussions may be ethical, philosophical, religious, political, social or even, in some cases, personal. Open discussion, disagreement, and dissent is encouraged. Open flames are most certainly *not*.

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