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EXIT Newsletter April 1996 Contents

  • America Gives Green Light to Assisted Suicide - Cheryl K Smith
  • What's Happening
  • Know Your Rights - Paying to See Your Medical Records
  • Quote/Unquote
  • End of Life Decisions - Joanne Lynn
  • The Face of Death - Halla Beloff
  • VESS on the "Superhighway"
  • The 1966 AGM
  • A Living Will In Action - The Story of Albert Goodheir
  • Dying and Living - Clare Penny Interview
  • Outreach - the News from around the World
  • Janet Johnstone - A Woman Not Yet Dying
  • How Should We Decide? - Sheila McLean
  • Five Commandments - John Beloff on Peter Singer's new book
  • Don't Kill the Piano Player - Chris Docker
  • Advance Directives/Living Wills - New Patients' Guide
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